Dawn – A Peek Down Below

DAWN – A Peek Down Below

We last saw the Coulthard built launch – Dawn on WW back in June 2019, link below. In summary she was built in 1936 and is approx. 28’ in length, with a very shallow draft of just over 2’, probably to suit the shallow harbours on Aucklands West Coast, where she was built.

A Ford 80hp Lees 4.2L diesel provides the forward motion. Thanks to a tme listing (c/o Ian MacDonald) we get to have a look down below.


1 thought on “Dawn – A Peek Down Below

  1. If she’s been sold, I’d like to stay in touch with the new owners – my father owned her from around ‘75 to the late 90’s. I’ve always been tempted to try and bring her back into the family but the fit isn’t quite right so better she’s in the hands of someone who can give her the attention she deserves and enjoy her.
    I’m sure we can make contact through this site if that’s of interest to any new owner.


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