I was recently in Thames and snapped the colour photos above of the launch Dawn. Then last week while looking thru Andy Donovan’s old brokering photos, I came across the b/w photo of Dawn – do we think its the same boat? The b/w photo does appear to be on a lake.
Health & Safety – yeah right
Also in the Donovan photos was the photo below of the Cape Brett lighthouse, check out the guy hanging off the aerial on the top of the dome…………..
Cape Reinga Light House

7 thoughts on “Dawn

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  2. Does anyone know where Coulthards boat shed was in Onehunga? Was it in the boat harbour at the end of Princes street?


  3. What a great photo of DAWN when she was at Taupo (1950’s). She was a commercial boat (as evidenced by the life rings). Love the masthead light. Coulthard designed and built in Onehunga.


  4. Unless scotty beamed the lighthouse to cape reinga it is actually cape brett light.


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