The Relaunch of Quest


The last we heard of the Roger Carey 1959 built woody – Quest was back in August 2020 in a report from John Gander who being prompt by a WW story on Quest II, sent in photos dated 2008 of Quest berthed at Waikawa Marina, Picton. In these 2000 photos she looked very smart. Sadly John also included a photo taken in 2013 of her hauled out in Picton looking very un-loved and her planks crying out for a life afloat again.

View details and photos at this WW link

Then yesterday Bay of Islands woody Dean Wright sent in the above photos taken on Monday. Dean had been at Waipapa Landing, Northland to see Quest being put back in the water after a huge amount of work by owners Eric and Win Sanderson to get her back in the water again after spending so long on the hard in Picton. In my eyes there is a lot to like about this boat – while she started life as Roger Carey’s private boat, she was later sold and converted to a work-boat. She measures 33’ x 9’9” x 4’6”, has a canoe stern and best of all down below is a Gardner 5LW 🙂 Mondays splash was brief to check a few systems and caulking, we look forward to getting a peek-down-below when she is finally ship-shape.

You have to love the EBH (Exclusive Boat Haulage – JJ & Shelley ) rig, that is the way to transport your pride and joy 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Relaunch of Quest

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  2. I saw her back on the hard at Opua marina yesterday. What happened?

    Just a little too thirsty 😉 Alan H

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  3. Marvellous to see her back in the water again. Last time I actually saw her in the flesh she was fishing out of Taieri Mouth.
    Roger’s daughter Joan, in her book “By Boats We Live” tells the story that when being overtaken by another boat in Queen Charlotte Sound, he would put one of the kids on the helm and drop below to pull the governors on the Gardner.

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  4. It’s amazing how many of these cool old vessels are around and still a large amount of interest in keeping them up to specs although only into the 7th week of owning one I can see why
    Another great story from WW

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