Mystery Launch 14-05-2023

Mystery Launch 14-05-2023

Back in January Eric Sanderson sent me a folder of random woodys – no names, no location or dates. Eric ‘recently’ restored the 33’ ex work-boat – Quest, re-launched May 2022. Quest is a very stunning woody, built in 1959 by Roger Carey, one of her many features is a canoe stern. Quest launching photos at link below:

In the folder mentioned above was the launch berthed along side Moana, in my eyes a rather fetching craft. 

With that raked mast it does look a little familiar –  can you put a name and some provenance to her.


4 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 14-05-2023

  1. where is Moana berthed ? would like to see her again. remember her from Mayor Island in mid 60’s


  2. An apostrophe between alongside and Moana makes it clear enough.
    I too think she’s been known by another name, but that particular brain cell is having a day off.


  3. I can not see another boat along side Moana, Can anyone else??

    Good spotting – I think I might need a visit to SpecSavers 🙂 Alan H


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