The 36’ Roy Parris designed and built launch – Serene last appeared on WW back in Oct 2014, link below for lots of photos and details.

Over the CV-19 lockdowns Serene’s owner Tom Lindesay gave the launch a birthday, work included new flooring, whilst ‘new’ to the boat, the wood is actually ‘young’ totara aged between 80 and 100 years. Tom commented that the trees were cut on a sustainable basis and that you are allowed to harvest 10% of a stand mainly on farming land. There has been a lot of totata planted over the last 20 years. The wooden boat business is going to need it, because there will be nothing else left. It would best used for inside work.

Tom made the two back hatches from sheep grating recycled from under a woodshed, the wood is heart matai and totara. The steering device is made from bits of the old flooring and turned on the lathe.

Great to see that Serene is going well and the old 6-354 Perkins is still doing the job 🙂

The top photo was taken by Dean Wright in the Bay of Islands in Jan 2021

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