Mystery Yacht – C2

Mystery Yacht – C2

All I can tell you is that the photo is dated c.1920/30’s and the yacht is sailing in a regatta in the Hauraki Gulf.

Should be an easy one to ID for those that have access to yacht registers ??

Input below from Denis O’Callahan –

“Back in the 1930s Scout was owned by one of my father’s buddies Ted Hay, who I think changed her from gaff to bermudan rig. From 30 December 1932 to 20 January 1933 Scout cruised to the Bay of Islands, the crew being Ted Hays, Jack Callagher, Bob O’Callahan (my father) and Copper Speight, who represented New Zealand at Rugby in 1893, playing 7 matches on tour. Copper was older than the rest of the crew and died at 65 years in 1935.

In 1932 it was the depression time, Ted, Jack and Bob may well have been unemployed and reading between the lines I think Copper paid for the cruise. He enjoyed it so much that he had a log typed up and I inherited a bound carbon copy. I have passed this log on to the present owner of Scout, Martin Farrand. (Of course I first scanned it and kept an electronic copy.) In return Martin gave me a copy of the excellent history of Scout “100 years astern”, written by Sandra Gorter, who also wrote the book about Ranger. To celebrate Scout’s 100th birthday in 2009 Martin took her to Newport Rhode Island to compete in a 6 Metre regatta where she was the oldest boat in the fleet. She now sports the sail number NZL-1. Unfortunately there are no photos from the 1932 cruise but I attached the cover photo from the book.”

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