Tautai > Lady Jan – A Peek Down Below

Tautai > Lady Jan – A Peek Down Below

Back in April 2018 I was contacted by (the late) Michael Goldfinch who had just purchased the classic launch – Tautai. Michael advised that Tautai designed and built in 1962 by Max Carter and prior to about 2004 went by the name of Lady Jan. Back then she was presented in the “traditional” white and baby blue typical of the era. A friend of Michael’s bought her in 2003 and did an extensive makeover. 

First forward to Feb 2022 and Tautai is for sale and we now get to have a peak down below and learn more about her. She’s powered by a Lees Ford 120hp engine that gets her along nicely at 7 > 8 knots. Spec’s –   39’ in length, 11’9” beam and draws 4’7”

Tautai is one of those lucky boats where her numerous owners have all cared for her and invested in upgrades thru out the years – a walk through transom, larger boarding platform, new toughened glass throughout, bow thruster, new electronics, radar, auto-helm and auto winch – and a whole lot more. Just prior to coming on the market Tautai had a trip to the beauty parlour for a full repaint and varnish in Burnnand Marine’s shed.

She has also circumnavigated the North Island. I’m very happy to be able to advise that she has a new owner, who while ’new’ to the classic wooden boat scene is a very talented gent in the automotive restoration field. And chatting with him, her name will revert back to Lady Jan – we like that 🙂

New owner is very keen to learn more above the vessels past.
Photos below from back in 2019 when receiving some TLC hauled out at the Te Atatu Boating Club yard.

13-04-2022 Input From Darryll Hart – Top photo below is off a painting of Lady Jan in Schoolhouse Bay on June 04 1985. Painting was done by Denis Davies (family friend) in October 1994.

For a bit of history on the boat – we bought her from Gary Barnett who was a car dealer in Otahuhu and he used to cruise with Sequoia, Monterey and Ngarunui, all the boats featured in for sale advertisements  around this Lady Jan article.The dimensions in the article are incorrect.

She is 36 ft long by 12ft wide and was built in 1961 in Onehunga. Originally had a 590 series Ford Trader in her with a manual gearbox.

Fuel was stored in 44gal like tanks either side of the underfloor engine and Gary Barnett added a further 50gals foward when fuel was in short supply in the early 80s up north.At 8 kts she had a range of 70 plus hours.

14 thoughts on “Tautai > Lady Jan – A Peek Down Below

  1. Thanks again Grant and Jan I have spoken to Allen regarding getting hold of you ill send through a email to him Michael and Vivien


  2. Hi Ken how did you know the Lady Jan .I think I have heard your name .We had many long trips to the Barrier and The Bay of Islands Grant McNaughton


  3. Thank you Darryll great information especially the year and I knew Gary Barnett but had never seen his boat I think he drank a few whiskys on her from memory
    And Grant I’ll ask Alen how I can get hold of you regarding the pictures
    The information coming through is exactly what where after as it’s great to tell it’s history as it attracts a bit of attention at pine Harbour where it’s now berthed
    Thank you Vivien and Michael


  4. HI Yes I’m Noels son I have a few photos of the hull arriving in Mt Eden Can you contact me at .


  5. Thank you Jan that’s great to hear a cool thing to do as a child I bet.
    And thank you Darryll would love a photo of the painting great you still have it hanging proudly how do we get hold of people on here can I post my phone number
    Thank you


  6. The boat was not named after Max Carter’s wife but after me Noel Mc Naughtons daughter Max Carter only built the hull and Noel Mc Naughton spent 2 years finishing it in his backyard I was 6 years old when I christened it Lady Jan


  7. We used to own Lady Jan. We owned her from 1982 to 1986. We bought her from an enthusiast who restored her prior to 1982. Back then she was all white and had a mahogany and glass flying bridge with what was probably one of the first bimini tops in NZ , also had Oregon and fibrelgasss outriggers on her. She looked like a classic American game boat then. I have an original oil painting of her in Schoolhouse Bay Kawau on my lounge wall. She was named Lady Jan as that was Max Carters wifes name. The boat was kept for years at Half Moon Bay and Panmure.


  8. Thank you any information is greatly appreciated as it would benefit us in getting to know the boat we fell in love with especially who was Jan
    Thank you


  9. Lady Jan .The hull and super structure were built by Max Carter .an all the rest was done by Noel McNaughton. Grant Mcnaughton


  10. I’m pleased to hear the name is being changed back to Lady Jan. The interior is quite different to the 1960s but still looks great


  11. I’ve known LADY JAN all her life, & she is looking absolutely stunning, far more so that I thought could ever happen.–
    a wonderful job for a lovely boat.& am also thrilled that she is reverting to her original (proper??) name.
    As is known by many readers I believe that all boats should retain their original names, as given by the original owners, for life, unless it it’s discovered there was an earlier built boat, of the same name, in which case a “II,” or “IV,” or whatever, should be added. — KEN R


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