Sea Prince

Sea Prince

In the above photo we see the charter launch Sea Prince docked at Circle Cove, Lake Manapouri. Sea Princess has appeared on WW back in January , link to that story below.

At the time Harold Kidd commented that she was built at Fairlie in 1947 by Jones Motors’ boat building division under S J Guard. She was built for the Wanaka tourist trade as Malibu. She was a 30 foot hard chine vessel with a Kermath Sea Prince 100hp engine. She was sold in 1956 and renamed (then or perhaps earlier) as Sea Prince after her engine.

Scott Barnsdale advised that she ended up as a fishing boat at Stewart Island, looking very different to the photos and unfortunately, she disappeared from her mooring during a severe gale in 1987, sadly never to be seen again.


Very few read that email was the channel to answer, and of those that did, none had more than one boat. So after discussing with Flora McKenzie – it was decided Dick Hall’s reply in the comments section was the most deserving winner – well done Bill, a WW t-shirt is on the way – check your emails 😉

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