Mystery Picton Launches

Mystery Picton Launches + Win A WW T-Shirt

The above Picton photo popped up on Lew Redwood’s fb earlier in the week, at the time Nathan Herbert commented that two of the launches are theses days moored alongside each other in Orakei Basin. I’m guessing the one on the left side of the dock (with people on cabin top) is Silver Spray, but I’m more often wrong than right 🙂

I’m sure at some stage during the day Nathan will correct me.

First woody (excluding J Prew esq) that emails the correct boat names to wins a WW T-shirt. Mr Herbert will be the judge. 

10 thoughts on “Mystery Picton Launches

  1. pretty jealous of those windows on primadonna , great shot , what year do we think this 50’s 60’s?


  2. ‘Prima Donna’ in front . ‘Silver Dollar’ astern. Slightly different in cabin to Maritza. Vessel on other side of wharf is ‘Kaipapa’. She was wrecked a long time ago. Hard-chine boat in foreground is not ‘Sea-Bud’ but an early France-Craft owned by a family from Onahau Bay. Federal Line ‘home boat’ loading frozen meat in the back-round


  3. Alan see my response about Maritza being one of the boats pictured. I have owned her for the last 11 years.

    Steve Dawson

    Sent from my phone……



  4. I think the other woody is Prima Donna.


    Graham Hunter

    12a Marua RD, Ellerslie


    P 09 579 5100

    0274 759 364


  5. From Davey Jones MFV Kelvin
    Prima Donna, 4jp lister, owned by Harry Macmanaway.
    Built for the Baldicks by E R Lane I understand. I do have information written down somewhere to confirm that.
    Realy fast with that lister. Engine was originally in the Enterprise the original marine department launch.
    The Prima Donna is still going.


  6. The Swanson is very likely to be Maritza. I have other photos of her from the Moores showing the same lines. Currently moored in Waikawa. Owned for the last 11 years by me.


  7. Thé sedan is silver dollar
    Quite similar in appearance to Waikaro


  8. The Bob Swanson built one in the centre is either Stan Moore’s “Maritza” or Lance Dollar’s “Silver Dollar” – my bet is on the former. The one in the right foreground is Buddy Baxter’s water taxi “Sea Bud”. The real old-timer on the left is familiar, but what’s left of my brain cells can’t come up with a name. Betcha Dick Hall will know.


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