Woody Sleeping Place

Woody Sleeping Place

Recently the boys at The Slipway Milford ‘moved-on’ one of their semi permanent woodys – Lonestar, a 28’ woody that had its hand up for saving for lengthy period. Sadly covered boat shed space comes at a premium and commercial reality set in – so Cam and Jason loaded Lonestar up and took her to an off the beaten track woody boat park. Lonestar will not be lonely, there is small flotilla of craft being worked on or repurposed.The selection of photos ex Jason Prew will either make you happy or sad – my view – they have been saved from the back-hoe > box of matches, so who knows there is always a chance someone will step up to the plate 🙂
Check out WW tomorrow for a hero > zero woody story.

2 thoughts on “Woody Sleeping Place

  1. Lonestar was a BOI longliner in the 1970s skippered by a fine gentleman, seaman and fisherman known as Neville the Greek.


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