Whangarei Town Basin – Mystery Launch

Whangarei Town Basin – Mystery Launch

Keith and Heather Nicholson sent in the above photo of an old post card of the Whangarei Town Basin. The photo first appeared on a Mitchell Hutchings fb post. 

In the photo, lower right, we can see a launch hauled out – so todays question is – can we put a name to the boat?

Heather mentioned that their beloved woody – Paea (photo below) was for sale on tme. An amazing classic, the 72’, 1942 ex Harbour Defence Motor Launch (P3552) offers so many boating opportunities.

5 thoughts on “Whangarei Town Basin – Mystery Launch

  1. Barry Nalder has posted on the original post….
    The launch on the slipway is Aloha- i owned it in 2002 for a couple of years- She is now in Auckland
    In those days she would have been owned by the Wilkinson family….


  2. I don’t know how to attach the link, but there is a very informative/ entertaining audio on Radio NZ spectrum “Paea at 70” which Keith and Heather did in 2013. For those who didn’t know of it and might be interested in listening….

    Link added further up in the comments section. Alan H


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