Mystery Launch B.O.I. 1965 Taiparu > Isa Lei

Mystery Launch B.O.I. 1965Taiparu > Isa Lei

Today’s photo comes to us from Lew Redwood’s fb and shows a collection of support vessels assisting in the 1965 (April) National Spearfishing Contest, underway in Deep Water Cove, Bay of Islands.

Of most interest is the launch on the right  – not sure how you would describe her – pilot house launch? , 1/2 a bridge-decker 🙂 Its not Tasman but very similar. Some of the big Colin Wild > Salthouse launches (Lady Crossley, Turongo, Trinidad ) followed this design.

UPDATE – Launch Identified by Ken Rickets as Isa Lei (Taiparu). Photos below ex Ann Hood via Ken Ricketts

Harold Kidd Input – ISA LEI was built as TAIPARU by Lidgard Bros at the Western Reclamation, Auckland for J. Carlton of Sunny Bay, Kawau and launched on 7th December 1939 with a 6 cylinder 90hp Graymarine petrol engine. In 1946 she was owned by C. Pryce Jones. I H McRae owned her in 1953 and it was he who changed her name to ISA LEI. Roughly 1954 to 1975 she was owned by Lloyd and Jim Somner. I think her sistership was WAKATERE which spent a lot of her life in Tauranga.

More photos and details here

5 thoughts on “Mystery Launch B.O.I. 1965 Taiparu > Isa Lei

  1. On a reread I see the image is noted as being taken in 1965.

    It is also worth noting, that both sisterships, had a very distinctive “roll out” tuck, where they rolled out from the deck line, on a 90 degree radius for the top 12 inches, or so, then straight down to the water, which was probably unique in that precise form, to these 2 boats.
    I have never seen any other boats precisely like them.
    I believe she was almost certainly owned by Lloyd & Jim Sumner of Whangarei, when the image was taken. There are other posts on her on woodys. — KEN R


  2. She is the TAIPARU is about 36 feet long, built Roy Lidgard, (Lidgard Bros), launched in Auckland 9th December 1939, & was almost identical to her sistership WAKATERE, when built, although both boats have had their coamings severely fiddled with since then.
    I believe this image was probably taken taken about 1946-48.
    Both boats originally had a 90HP Graymarine petrol engine
    She later had her name changed to ISA LEI, in 1953, & she lived in Whangarei for many years, from the 1950s onwards — KEN R


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