How Did This One Sell

How Did This One Sell

Now if you believe the tme listing for this Picton boat – it sold, which really surprises me – she would have to win the award for the worst present vessel for sale :-)The listing states that its believed that she was built by Ernie Lane in Picton c.1940’s. 30’ in length and carvel kauri built.Powered by a Perkins 152 Diesel engine. (Tme heads up ex Ian McDonald)

Do we know her name? 

3 thoughts on “How Did This One Sell

  1. opps it was $7050.00 but still not to bad.. I havent seen anyone on her since the latest sale.. its berthed just along from my olde Hartley.. I hope he puts the portholes back in (I really like the old log..)


  2. How would I know from a couple of photos. I,d have to go aboard and have a look !! Is certainly untidy but might be in quite good order underneath all that. Regards, Keith


  3. she was sold twice in two years…each new owner has done a little bit, freaked and resold new owner 2 owners ago said he had, had some work done on her by “some of the local guys”… and said he had the hull refastened below the waterline but the last owner said he had repaired a lot of the shabby work carried out by the last owner… so sounds like there was a lot of badly done resin fills etc all needed re-doing,, haven’t talked to the latest owner… but she’s a big jog

    as for the worst present vessel for sale,… she is what she is… I think he just wanted to get rid of it to save him having to take it up north as he was transferred for work. At least the seller wasnt trying to hide all the rot under coats of paint…total sales $2050.00 (not to bad with whats left to play with)


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