Hinemoana III


The 35’ motorsailer Hinemoana II was launched in the late 1960’s (c.1965) who for is unclear but possibly for Mr. P. W. Anker of Wainuiomata Wellington. 

Six months after she was launched in July 1966, she ended up on the beach at Eastbourne, just short of the seawall, during a severe Wellington storm, having broken her new mooring, refer top photo. Reports are that she sustained no serious damage.  

Fast forward to 2018 and she pops up at Gulf Harbour, Auckland receiving some TLC. B/W photo comes to us ex Sea Spray magazine and the GH ones + details via Ken Ricketts. Do we know what became of her between 1966 and 2018?

6 thoughts on “Hinemoana III

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  2. We had a Phil Anker on the committee of the Waikawa Boat CLub (IIRC he was Vice- or Rear-Commodore at one point), and he had a son, Peter about my age, so I wonder if either of them was the P.W. Anker mentioned as owner. Not a common name, so maybe …………….


  3. According to Sea spray, July 1966, reporting when she was washed up, she was named Hinemoa and owned by P.W. Anker of Wainuiomata. I have no record of her after that and it appears that she was never registered with NZYF.
    Current YNZ lists have no record of her either as Hinemoana or Hinemoa..


  4. An Atholl Burns design. She was in Wellington and the Sounds for quite a while. Once exchanged a salvo of (empty) beer cans with her at the uncompetitive end of a Cook Strait race.
    If I have the right Atholl Burns boat, she was powered by a BMC Commodore with one of those “wind-up” starter motors.


  5. Have just discovered more info I had tucked away in the archives, I received on 19.1.2018, from the owner as at that date, & have just unearthed it, so herewith;
    HINEMOANA III is 36 feet long, had been owned by David Valentine since 1977, was earlier kept at Herald Island, & was kept at Gulf Harbour as at the above date.

    She is, or was at that time, powered by a BMC Commodore diesel engine, which was in her when he bought her, & which was made in 1955, & he believed her build date was c1956, & this is the original engine.

    He was told by the previous owner she was built in Wainuiomata Wellington, but he was not sure of the builder.
    She had arrived in Auckland before he bought her, because the person he bought her off was a Mr Viva-Taylor, — ( not sure of the spelling) — & he was an Auckland boatie. — KEN R


  6. She as launched in December 1965 or January 1966, & as Mr. Anker owned her when she was 6 months, old in July 1966, when she came ashore, he presumably owned her when launched, as it was just 6 months later she had her accident. — KEN R


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