ORANUI – What Became Of Her (part one)

ORANUI – What Became Of Her

The above photo ex Sea Spray magazine, via K Ricketts, shows the yacht Oranui ashore at Eastbourne, Wellington. She was washed ashore during a big storm. We know that Oranui was built in 1960 and owned by a Mr. Tomkies when she had the mishap It was reported that Oranui was not seriously damaged.

Do know what became of Oranui and where she is these days?

FYI – the 35’ motor sailer – Hinemoana III also came ashore in the same storm – WW story on her here  https://waitematawoodys.com/2021/05/30/hinemoana-iii/

4 thoughts on “ORANUI – What Became Of Her (part one)

  1. Two different boats Robin. The 47ft motorsailer was Rakoa, which was unfortunately later wrecked in Foveaux Strait. It was Oranui that was built in 1960. Oranui is still around and is very well cared for. I have sent some details to Alan.


  2. Seacraft Magazine January 1947 published the lines and sail plan of an Athol Burns 47ft motor sailer being built by Horace, Eric and Clinton Tomkies. Photo p54. Clearly a long term home build project if it is true she was not launched until 1960.
    After her grounding in 1966 she disappears from record. She was never registered with NZYF and current YNZ lists have no boats of that name registered. Possible name change or perhaps she went offshore.


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