Mooching around the Milford Cruising Club yard I spotted the 33’ Logan replica launch (yes -its f/glass) – Surprise hauled out. Once owned by an old friend – Dennis Wilde, sadly deceased. 

Surprise I understand was one of the early boats out of the mould and doesn’t have the enclosed cockpit, but I’m a fan of those drop-down sides , shades of a long-wheel base African safari Landrover :-)Sadly the Logan 33 moulds were sold to the USA and I understand have never been used. These boats were decades ahead of the market and are in high demand on the 2nd-hand market.

Hopefully an owner (Alan Good) will comment more on the the various models launched.

5 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Thanks for all that Zoe, that makes sense as my records which came from the builder Eric Knight were unclear as to just who the original owners were. John & Cathryn Sinclair or Dennis Wilde. All sorted now.


  2. Hi, thank you for posting this. My father Dennis didn’t buy it out of the mould. He purchased it around 16 years ago, I believe he was the second owner, and she lived at Westhaven and was a convenient place for me to store my race sails for a while. Then he moved to Scott’s Landing and Surprise was moored at the bottom of his garden, next to Bill Townson’s house. Dad moved to Murrays Bay with his lovely wife, and soon after was diagnosed with cancer. We had Surprise, which was in poor condition, hauled out at Robertsons in Warkworth and made safe for us to deliver down to Milford in the hope Dad would be able to enjoy her (and so would we!). Sadly he was very sick and was unable to spend any time on her again. We had four children and a Logan 33 is just not quite big enough for such a big family but we had some great day and overnight cruises. Dad and I made the decision to sell her late last year. I had looked after Surprise for a couple of years on Dad’s behalf and loved every inch of her, but my fear was that she’d decline again because I just don’t have the time to care for her. . I was that Rob Staub and his wife (whose name I can’t remember) bought her. He lives in Milford, and has done an amazing job of restoring her to full glory, which she deserves. Sadly, Dad died on the same day that Rob took ownership of the boat – but it was meant to be and I love seeing Surprise looking so good now.


  3. Aha, that makes sense. Are the Sinclairs the current owners then? my listing is a bit murky.


  4. Surprise was Hull no.8 off the mould in April 2000 for Dennis Wilde. Later owned by John & Cathryn Sinclair and according to Boating NZ Jan 2020 she was owned by Zoe Hawkins and hauled out at Milford Marina.
    The builders (the late Eric Knight) offered several styles including long and short cockpits but nearly all were enclosed. My own L33, Lady Dorothy, Hull no.5 Nov 1999, is enclosed back to the third window with canvas and clears to the cockpit coaming.
    I don’t think there were many of the open cockpit L33’s built. Surprise is the only one I have seen. Alan G may be able to add a bit more info.

    Robin – fyi – Zoe was Dennis Wilde’s daughter. Alan H


  5. I am a fan of all Logans and have crewed on one at times – 1890s cutter Mahaki (Jock Logan).


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