Rebecca > Dolphin – A Rolling Restoration

Rebecca > Dolphin – A Rolling Restoration 

Hello woodys, if you aren’t a float today, todays story is a gem – its all about what makes the classic wooden boating movement so special – Caleb Bird contacted me to advise that he had taken over the restoration of the yacht Rebecca (now back to being called Dolphin) from the Tino Rawa Trust. The 24′ Dolphin was built in 1902 by the Ewen brothers (Frank,Ernie & John) of Whangarei. Constructed of 2 skin kauri she was once owned and restored by the late Peter Smith, who also restored the stunning 1938 Sam Ford launch – Menai.

Todays photo gallery shows us what Caleb has been up to for the last 2 years i.e. stripping her out and getting the interior back to an amazing look. Well done Caleb, we need more of you 🙂

The first batch shows her ‘as found’ and later photos the work-in-process.

6 thoughts on “Rebecca > Dolphin – A Rolling Restoration

  1. Hi Allen Watson, I have several images of MANAKURA,. taken through the years
    if you email me at kennetharicketts@gmail,com I’ll send you copies — KEN R

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  2. Hi have purchased a ship builders called Manakura.that has been out of the water for 13yrs. I’m re building and refitting her but was wondering if you or anyone had any information about her she’s 15 mtrs long 4.2mtr wide. Single skin

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