Te Rauparaha QO7 – Gets A Make-Over


Back in 2013 we ran a story on the 1938 Chas. Bailey Jnr. designed, Chas. Bailey & Sons Ltd built 55’ launch – Te Rauparaha. The focus then was what had happened to her and where was she. Good chat (link below) uncovered a lot – we discovered in 1979 she went to Noumea, New Caledonia under her own steam to start life as a charter vessel, and was renamed Samara. https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/05/22/te-rauparaha/

Fast forward 7 years and I get an email from her owner Valk Delevaux from Noumea, included with the email were the photos above. I think I could safely say that the Bailey family would struggle to recognise the boat they designed and built. But any owner has the right to do what they want and its only wood so someone else might one day convert her back closer to original. I understand she is for sale so if you’re looking for a old/new woody………………….

21-01-2021 Update – the engines are 2x300cv Cummins Bt06. Drive is the same but with a all new hydropique system. 

9 thoughts on “Te Rauparaha QO7 – Gets A Make-Over

  1. It is a complete myth that Don Brooke designed Paul Marson/ Dyonisis.
    Paul Markson was designed by Percy Voss draughtsman.(whose name eludes me).
    Don Brooke copied the Paul Markson design and stretched it from 60ft to 70ft ish. This boat was built in steel for Athol R and was also called Paul Markson.
    Sadly Athol R son died and his name was removed from her so she became Markson.
    She became The Dove under the Subritsky family ownership.
    Athol commented how her sea keeping abilities were second to none being longer.
    Subritsky had Brooke design Dove 2. In my opinion an ugly looking thing. She is berthed in viaduct currently.
    Athol R last big boat was built in Fiji and called Markson. Built out of Fijian kauri she has had a lot of cosmetic surgery and botox sessions over the years.

    I can smell a hint of Alan Johnson (WW’s only permanently banned person) in the above comments – might be wrong, but not often 😉 Alan H


  2. Clearly a blokes boat. Although not a thing of beauty as she once was, she does appear to be well maintained which is better than rotting away in the mud up a creek.

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  3. Athol Rusden would have turned in his grave if he saw what happened to Te Rauparaha. He appreciated good lines and commissioned Don Brooke to design 3 motor sailers, the Paulmarksons. A very likeable and capable ship’s master and island trader who knew the South Pacific very well.


  4. She was owned by an Athol Rusdin of Auckland and I believe he took her to Noumea. Many years later when in Noumea we took a trip to an island [day trip] on a cruise. We just sat on the decks and as I remember no special alterations she was just as when she was at Westhaven.


  5. So sad. One of NZs greatest classic launches bastardised.
    The changes, while very personalised to the owner, will not suit many potential buyers, and must impact the buying price.


  6. At the risk of being thought a philistine, maybe the Baileys would like her as she is now.
    After all they built for wealthy owners of their day and gave them what they wanted using the methods and materials of those days.


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