Viveen – Update

VIVEEN – Update

I first bumped into the 1924 Colin Wild launch – Viveen, back in 2014 at one of the first Classic Launch & Yacht Exhibitions at Auckland’s viaduct harbour. Back then she had recently moved to a new home, in Thames, where she still resides to this day. Prior to this she was berthed at Milford Marina from a number of years.

Back in 2018 her owners gave her a birthday and under took an extensive refit. Angus Rogers snapped the above photos of her over the holiday period moored at Waiheke Island, looking very smart with her new paint job. Being a Colin Wild launch, her past has been well documented on WW – a couple of stories are linked below

2 thoughts on “Viveen – Update

  1. She belonged to Percy Mason for many years, he kept her at the bottom of the cliff in Judges Bay, immediately below his property, & hardly used her. He sold her when he bought the Fairmile DEBORAH BAY in c1947. — KEN R

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  2. I remember talking to a chap whos family owned Viveen they lived in Rutland Rd Devonport kept Viveen on Mooring in Stanley Bay in summer and in winter on cradle at the bottom of Rutland Rd before the Navy North Yard was built.cant recall the family name but he was a WW2 veteran and a member of the Devonport RSA

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