Building Lady Beryl > Kailua

Building Lady Beryl > Kailua

During the recent sale process for Kailua we uncovered the above collection of photos when Lady Beryl, as she was named then, in the shed at Salthouse Boatbuilders.

The one thing that stood out was how original she is today under the name Kailua (photos below)Very happy that the new owner is Auckland based and a very good classic wooden boat family.


1 thought on “Building Lady Beryl > Kailua

  1. A brilliant boat. I owned Kailua for about 12 years back in the 1980s. I kept her initially at Westpark and then at Gulf Harbour. Purchased off a Stan Carvadine at Clevedon. From memory Stan had also owned Kailua for about 12 years.
    When I brought her back from Clevedon and tied her up in the Westpark marina by coincidence my marina was about three away from the berth that the very first owner had his new boat. This man had her built in 1963 from memory. She was originally named Lady Beryl after the first owners wife.


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