28′ Coastal Cruiser

28’ Coastal Cruiser
Recently American boat designer, Tad Roberts, posted the above design sketch on fb, Tad commented that she was a coastal cruiser in classic British Colombia style. In my eyes, just about perfect – a Gardner 3lx tucked under the pilot house sole and I’d be disappearing over the horizon 🙂 I had better keep buying Lotto.

I shared the sketch with Dean Wright, who shares my passion for converted workboats and Dean sent me the photo below that he took of the launch – Georgia, that has been in the Bay of Islands approx 5 years ago. A pretty boat.

6 thoughts on “28′ Coastal Cruiser

  1. Thanks Murray,
    I’m the owner and builder of Georgia. She’s a modified and lengthened (31′) version of a Trawler 28. Launched 6 years ago.
    Hull is strip planked Malaysian Kauri (Agathis flavescens?) with bi axial glass both sides. She runs sweet on a Beta 43 (Kubota base) diesel.
    David George,


  2. Hi guys new to this site. I know Georgia very well as my father in law David built her. Hull is DD Island Kauri glassed over. She has a kubota 43hp diesel under the floor. She lives in the bay & is a beautiful piece of workmanship, all completed by David. I will try to get some images together/speak to David about getting some pics put up here at some point. On a side note, my wife & I recently purchased the vessel Orari II. This vessel has a long family history for me. We have her at home now with engines out & tidy up underway. We are hoping to have her back in the water soon to enjoy Northland’s summer. I will upload some pics of Orari II on her thread on this site soon too.


  3. I’d reckon a 3cyl Yanmar would be a nice crewmate that would shoehorn in more easily. Do they do one big enough?
    I reckon that Spindrift (the Clevedon one) is a very good real wholesome year-round variant on this theme.


  4. 3LW I presume you mean, and that is the same Georgia that I photographed on the coast and in pipi bay this year–Tis wood old chap!


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