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The photos above of Caravel come to us via the camera of Dean Wright and are ‘lock-down’ discoveries. Dean commented that he wasn’t even sure if Caravel was a woody, but she is a looker and there is enough wood on show for me 🙂
Can anyone tells us more about Caravel?
When it comes to the restoration of a classic wooden boat, one item draws the most discussion / debate / arguments and that’s the topic to splining and fiber-glassing the hull. Amongst the majority of woodys its long been considered sacrilege – but sometimes it is the only option that saves a boat from a ‘Beehive’ restoration (a box of matches).
Thanks to your friends at Off Centre Harbor, today we join expert boat builder and OCH co-founder Eric Blake explaining how – and more importantly, why – he fiber-glassed his 75-year-old wooden lobster boat, Charlena. LINK below to view video.
Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 5.11.53 PM
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7 thoughts on “Caravel + OCH video

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  2. Try Brian worthington, I will assume he was the broker for it or will know who owns it now at least.


  3. Re the OCH video good on him as she was a bonfire case, however if he wanted to give her a longer life skinning with a diagonal before glossing would have helped.
    After being involved in some of the earliest jobs to transform carvel boats I question the flexible epoxy splining under a very rigid skin as opposed to timber or solid glued splines, also I trust that he will now be scrupulous in keeping the interior dry and aired at all times for otherwise that cedar will be trying to rip itself apart .


  4. Yea she’s definitely a woody, from memory she was possibly strip planked with something odd like a poplar? It came into Southern ocean marine in tauranga maybe 10yrs ago because she was leaking, we re skinned it with a double diagonal of beautiful nz kauri then sheathed in glass. Safe to say she built like brick sh..t house now. Beautiful interior and well maintained.


  5. If I may put my 5 cents in with regard to preserving the wooden boats that are left….
    I watched the video of this guy giving his reasons why he splined and glassed his boat.
    It makes perfect sense to me.
    Unless the owner has a truck lot of funds and loads of spare time to maintain an unprotected carvel planked hull, why wouldn’t you?
    A good friend of mine did this 20 years ago to a wooden boat, and I thought it was rather radical. Not now 🙂


  6. Caravel. Built in Picton. Wooden boat. Was kept at Sulphate point marina TGA. Still is I think on G pier About 20 years old. Hope that helps


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