Back in May 2020 the launch Caravel made an appearance on WW (link below) thanks to Dean Wright. At the time we new nothing about her and only covered that she was built in Picton approx 20 years ago. Built of wood, possibly strip planked, but using an unusual timber – poplar?

Approximately 10 years ago Southern Ocean Marine in Tauranga did a ’number on her’ to address a leak issue – they re-skinned the hull with double diagonal NZ kauri, sheathed in glass. The boat builder, Alan Craig commented that she was now built like a brick out-house. In the photos above of Caravel, taken by Douglas Owens, we see her recently hauled out at Tauranga for some TLC.

WW would still like to know more about Caravel, so if anyone knows the owners – would you give them a gentle nudge and ask that they share some background on this rather appealing woody.

2 thoughts on “Caravel

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  2. Love that sheer!
    Has to be one of the prettiest woodys around.
    I’m first in line if it comes on the market😀


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