Caroma / W1



Caroma / W1

Recently I was contacted by Peter Grant who had just discovered the story of W1 on waitematawoodys and remembered he was involved in a pre-purchase inspection of her in November 2000 for a client. The client did not purchase the vessel as it was deemed not suitable, but Peter dug out the old report which included the photos of her above, as she was then lying alongside the Panmure River.


Below is a photo of the 70′ vessel as she is today, post a wonderful restoration to return her to a style that while not matching her early day war time look, certainly turns a few heads on the Waitemata when she zips past at 22 knots. WW links to the restoration below:
Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 8.54.04 AM

2 thoughts on “Caroma / W1

  1. Have noticed that she was originally built with port side helm & steering, — refer WWII image of her, “flight deck,” shall we say, which was retained during her CARROMA era, now however it has moved to the other side (starboard) — KEN R


  2. What a wonderful addition to the story of her life, notwithstanding that she seemed in need of some real TLC at that time. — So special for those of us, who have loved in all her guises, to add another chapter, to the life of this fascinating boat.
    Have often wondered what the G.M. Detroit 6/71’s looked like in her & I see they are a matched handed pair. — Perfect for what they were. — KEN R


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