Mansion House Opening Labour Day 1979



Mansion House Opening Labour Day 1979

The above photos of Mansion House, Kawa Island were sent in by Juliana Cooke.
Quite an impressive turnout but a lot of plastic floating in the bay, and also the tenders tied at the wharf are predominately plastic.
Still I can spy some well done Woodys at anchor.
These days you wouldn’t see the ferries rafted up like that – Fullers far too precious to do that, but these days on a peek holiday period – one would have broken down, one would be out for annual maintaince and the remaining ferry would be running 1hr late 🙂
06-09-2019 Input from Neil Chalmers –  see below, souvenir cover bought on the day at Kawau. Neil recalls Sir Keith H (Governor General) arriving in the SeaBee widgeon (or was it a goose) and giving a speech at the opening.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 9.02.25 AM

7 thoughts on “Mansion House Opening Labour Day 1979

  1. By coincidence mum turned up today with a bunch of photos from this day, where my grandparents were ironically relaxing in a raft up of fibreglass speed boats along the shoreline


  2. 2 x round engines so the plane is Grumman Goose ZK-DFC, it also appeared in the ads for cold water surf (taking off towing a line of washing from memory ) and for many years flew with Cold Water Surf painted allover the tail and wing upper surface. A most amazing plane I chartered it many times and filled it with other aviation nuts for a quick trip around city and gulf taking off from Mechanics Bay.


  3. Those big boats are the Ngaroma and a Navy Fairmile. Dad’s boat is in the back with her davits photo bombing. The Governor General of the time was there too.


  4. Some notable woodies -the Woolacott in the foreground and a nice 9′ Mosquito craft, you can tell its the seventies by all the trailer sailors -whats happened to them?


  5. Makes me sad to see the Gulf Air seaplane. Soon to be asset stripped as I recall by Ron Brierly. I might have been there on that occasion. A navy patrol boat steamed in and knocked the end off the warf during the afternoon..


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