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The trade listing (thanks Ian McDonald) for Arline is a little loose eg under design it states ‘Classic’, and no mention of builder. We do know she was built in 1950, is kauri planked, 40’ in length, with a 12’ beam. The engine is a 1950 120hp Leyland, so suspect its been there from new.
Obviously an ex work boat, she appears to have good bones and if the price was right would be make a great base for conversion to pleasure use. But before that happened the asking price ($50k) would need to head south a bit.
The b/w photos below show Arline in Opua, Northland in her original configuration – they come to use ex Ross Griffen, via the BOI Historic Photos fb.
Gisborne is her home port, any woodys able to tell us more about Arline in the years between the old photos and as we see her today?
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24-08-2019 Input ex Greg Phlpott – The b/w photo below of Arline is dated 1971 and the location is Whangaroa. The newspaper clipping talks about Arline being for sale as a charter boat in the Bay of Islands.
Arline 04 - Whangaroa - Riethmaier - 1971

7 thoughts on “Arline

  1. Good evening everyone. So sorry to drag you off at a bit of a tangent but I am trying to locate the present owner of the ss Wiltshire. I saw from Harolds message on another post that he was able to purchase items from the wreck. This ship has a special place in our family history as my paternal grandfather Archibald Lawrence Stanton served on her during world war one as an ordinary seaman. I was hoping to be able to purchase something from her wreck to give to my father this December on his 80th birthday. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Many thanks.


  2. Not being picky but that engine looks to me like an early “Comet 90” that was 90 hp at 2300 rpm. but de-rated to about 75 cont at 1800 for marine service. The timing pin in the flywheel housing is all Leyland. came out in 1950, I think they are still made in India under the name “Ashok” Amazing how these old engines grow more powerful with age


  3. Hello Alan

    Attached might add a little to the story

    1. Picture is at Whangaroa in 1971

    2. Article – sorry no date or which newspaper


    Greg Phlpott

    PO Box 4514

    Kamo, Whangarei

    Ph 027 634 8109


  4. Just a wild guess, but for some reason the name of Ernie lane popped into my head. Something to do with the raised foredeck and the wheelhouse???


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