One of my roaming woodys sent in yesterday the above photos of the launch – Raider, on the hard at Okahu Bay. I imagine the Harbour Master has parked her there. Anyone know what happened to her?

She appears to be a Parris or once was before someone got creative with a few sheets of ply. Perhaps a sister to Cherokee / Mistral?

Ever Wanted To Have a Peek Down Below On One Of The Classic Yacht Association’s A-Class Gaff Yachts

This weekend and next, drop down to Auckland’s Viaduct harbour and you can check out the likes of – Thelma, Rawene, Rainbow, Waitangi, Rawhiti & Frances. Details below.
Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 3.50.49 PM

5 thoughts on “Raider

  1. I went down to Okahu Bay today and Raider was gone, does anyone know what became of her?


  2. PLEASURE LADY used to moor at the city end of Hobson Bay by the AMOKURA in the 1950s, & used to have a group of later teens or early 20s young chaps who used to go out on her regularly with the owner, & who were later seen out on her on their own. — KEN R


  3. PLEASURE LADY was first owned by Monty Rae of Bassett Road and is (or was recently) owned by his grandson Tony Rae of Team New Zealand.


  4. There was also a slightly longer boat called PLEASURE LADY — she was 32 feet, the the CHEROKEE was 28 feet & RAIDER & INVADER 30 feet & one was owned by Bert Costello a car dealer in the 1950s/60s


  5. She is a sistership to CHEROKEE & MISTRAL & INVADER. Built by Roy Parris – photo below (added by AH) as a comparison of CHEROKEE — KEN R


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