Kairanga – A Peek Down Below

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KAIRANGA –  A Peek Down Below
I have admired Kairanga each year at the Mahurangi Regatta and recently she popped up on trademe, so now we get a peek down below. It’s an interesting tme listing, no mention of design / builder, nor year. But she is a looker.
She is 32’, triple diagonal kauri, with a 90hp Ford diesel provide the forward motion. Appears well kitted out.
Chatting with Nathan Herbert, he recalls a mention of being a Bailey. This is backed up by Harold Kidd’s comments back in 2011 on the CYA Forum – HDK said “She is a pretty boat. I have no record of her before 1961 when she was owned by D E Jonas, a member of RNZYS. I’m certain she has been renamed. The cabin top, if original, is reminiscent of those that Charles Bailey Jr used around early 1914. 
Anyone able to tell us more about Kairanga?

5 thoughts on “Kairanga – A Peek Down Below

  1. I’m Helen Pirini, Robert Platt’s sister.
    Not only did our Muriel (Mu) tow the enormous pile-driving barge, but also a smaller barge of about 20 feet, which would hold all building materials needed to build the wharves!!!


  2. Nee Muriel.
    My Dad Jim Platt procured her after the war as a work boat to start up wharf building and repairs contracts for RNZAF and RNZN, which he was able to acces as a wartime pilot. I think Muriel had been an Air Force tender at Hobsonville Air Base in the war.
    He must have changed the prop on the little 32fter (Aunty Lolly said yes she was only 32) to an enormous throw, so she could tow a 45ft barge with pile driving derrick and 2.5ton monkey, and wharf building materials n 40ft piles around the Gulf. She was used hard out on wharf construction and lighthouses from th Mokohinaus to Corromandel and the Barrier.
    She had a HUGE HEART. On wharf building at Rotoroa (Drunken Island) she was called on to do many emergency trips to ferry patients back to Auckland Hospital in a storm through Motuihe Passage when other boats couldnt handle the seaway. Indominatable, Gutsy Little Battler!!
    She,ll be good for another 💯 years !😘


  3. Boat designer Lid from Bayswater, Shoal Bay , (I trust his eye), says it looks SO much like my Dad Jim Platt old launch the Muriel (th Moo). 34-36ft.Triple skin Kauri. He used it as a work boat for towing th 40ft wooden pile driving barge with 2.5ton monket (drop hammer). And smaller work barge for wharf building around the Gulf.
    She was cradled between piles on the mudflat in Shoal Bay in rhe mid to late ’50s with a crook motor, and then it was sold to one of dads old RNZAF war pilot mates about 1961. Dad said to us, “dont worry”, we will be getting an A class Keeler. It was the Ida- 1896 Chas Bailly racer.
    The Muriel went around the corner n was pulled out at Lidgards at Bayswater wharf where the Doctor had her done up beautifully by Roy Lid, according to Lids Jimmy “Thom” n Garry.
    Sound familiar?


  4. Looks like a great buy for someone, with most of a quality interior in evidence. Triple skin construction looks great! As does apparent rebuilt injector pump. Great sedan shape too. I’d just want to make the for’d berth and midships head situations a little nicer.


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