Waiheke Coro Iron Yacht


This weekend is the last chance to experience ’Sculpture on the Gulf’ on Waiheke Island, I’ll be doing the 2km walk that features 26 new sculptures along the stunning Waiheke coastline including  Oneroa village and surrounds. Organisers say to allow around 2 hrs to enjoy the walk. 

Woody Angus Rogers snapped the above photos of Rebecca last weekend, built by legendary kiwi artist Jeff Thomson from corrugated iron and to quote Jeff “she references early NZ classic yacht designs and the long history of boats moored at Matiatia and elsewhere around Waiheke Island”.
She was inspired by her namesake Rebecca, a 1902 gaff-rigged yacht, now sailing under her original name – Dolphin (see link below for more info & photos)
Note: no woodys library would be complete without a copy of the book ‘Rebecca – The restoration of an old yacht’ (cover below) by the late yachtsman, artist and educator – Peter Smith. I currently own 4 copies, whenever I see a copy for sale (on-line or in a secondhand book shop) I grab it. They make great gifts.
Rebecca book
Update 10-04-2019 – looks like the artwork has found a permanent home at Gulf Harbour marina, photo es Ken Ricketts

13 thoughts on “Rebecca

  1. I’ve been sending the comments about Rebecca to Jeff Thomson (Jeff and I and a couple of others are ding a book about the Rebecca he made for Sculpture on the Gulf. This is his reply to the last comment . “It was Moana (1895), not Ariki that the Smith family purchased and one of Peters sons still has her. I think it is Chris.”


  2. I treasure my Rebecca book – I have had it since 1978. The drawings are first class. I believe Peter Smith later acquired Ariki, A3 (Logan c 1904).


  3. Ive taken over the restoration of Rebecca (Back to being Called Dolphin) From the Tino Rawa Trust , she is currently Moored out by the Harbour Bridge and Im Happy to share photos from the last 2 years of clearing her out and getting The inside so far back to an amazing look! \
    Regards Caleb


  4. Just letting you know that Jeff Thomson and I are writing a book on the making of the Rebecca sculpture, with photographs by Ian Baker. I’ll let you know when it’s been published. Helen Martin.


  5. We were the proud owners of Rebecca in the early 80 ‘s a s sold her to Sir Robert Kerridge’s daughter then living on Waiheke


  6. What an awesome sculpture! Unfortunately I’ve missed out on going this time.

    The Rebecca book is a must-have for any home library. My favourite page is the last one where she sets sail for the Christmas cruise.


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