Garden Cove, Waiheke Island






Garden Cove Waiheke Island

Over the New Year period we were very lucky to ’score’ an anchorage not once, but twice in Garden Cove on the the Northern side of Waiheke Island.
It’s a very special spot & due to it size, can only really handle 2 >3 boats. The advent of the SeaLegs amphibious craft, means a few more craft can enjoy the venue via parking on the beach.
On our first visit we were joined by the 1946 Lidgard built launch – Monterey.
Second trip we shared the bay with the magnificent1935, Colin Wild designed & built motor launch – Lady Gay & a very cute woody ‘picnic’ boat.
If you ever get the chance, be brave & enter the gap (right side – ALWAYS), it is worth it.
BUT – folks, the 1st visit was a little tarred by a group of white trash that appeared to have overnighted on the beach (New Years Eve), the beach was a tip & included toilet paper. Come on kiwi’s – show a little respect for the environment & other people. A took few photos to name & shame 😦

4 thoughts on “Garden Cove, Waiheke Island

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  2. A most Beautiful little bay & one of my absolute favourites anywhere, & as you say, one must ALWAYS go through the small gap.
    RAINDANCE looks absolutely lovely sitting quietly in there, & completes a lovely scene. — KEN R


  3. I’ve nudged the rock going out in another man’s boat. No names no pack drill. But it’s worth the experience of the delightful cove.


  4. Happy New Year to you Alan. It is certainly a special spot and a favourite of ours. We invariably end up taking at least one sack of rubbish off the beach each time we visit!


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