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I have featured Tiromoana several times on WW, mainly because she is just such a gorgeous classic woody. One of those vessels that looks just right from any angle.
She was designed and built in 1937 by Bill Couldrey, from double skinned, diagonal planked kauri, and measures 38′. Current zoom zoom is from a 60hp Gardner 5LW
Tiromoana has an interesting background – having served as a Naval patrol vessel during WWII and later as Aucklands first police launch.
Below decks her layout is very original and features anything and everything one would want and expect of a vessel of her class.
She is for sale on trademe and includes a 12m marina – which are as rare as hens teeth in Auckland these days.
Anyone looking for a very smart classic woody should check Tiromoana out 🙂
To view more on her – click this link   https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/08/15/tiromoana-2/
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1 thought on “Tiromoana

  1. I was introduced to the world of boating by a trip on TIRO, at Christmas 1943 by the late Henry Allen, who’s family owned her for approx. 50 years. The throttle control is the same original one she had back then. My father helped Henry Allen, install the 5LW Gardner in 1949 which replaced the original very old marinised industrial 4LW Gardner. She is also virtually the same inside except that the toilet has been moved, from the port side, of what was the engine room originally, to forward of the bridgedeck — KEN R (edit by AH)


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