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Beverlene was built in 1968 by Owen Wolley & measures 39’, has a 11’9” beam & draws 3’3”,  & has a kauri planked hull.

Zoom zoom is from a 120*hp Commer diesel engine that sees her cruising at a comfortable 8 knots.

* trademe listing (thanx Ian McDonald) also states 140hp

Home is Tauranga so she is off the WW radar – can anyone tell us more about here?


4 thoughts on “Beverlene

  1. If someone would like to get in touch, I can provide contacts for the current owner and details on the engine which has had a lot done to it.
    Alan, it might be I’m not looking in the right places, but I can’t find your email address or your phone number or some other means of contacting you on the website.
    Can you either include those details on the website or email them to me separately please.
    Thanks, Mark.

    Mark – its Email to me & I’ll add them to the story. Cheers Alan


  2. Hi All. Sold June 1998 from Owen Piper to Colin Molley at Thames. Owen had owned her for many years, and was domiciled at Half Moon Bay. Owen was one of the Trustees of the Half Moon Bay Marina Trust since its inception. Was always Beverlene while here, and the Commer was the original engine I am sure. Lovely vessel.


  3. I don’t think that is her original name — I recognise her, but not with that name.
    Beautiful balance & symmetry in her lines, & a lovely flair in the bow, as always, with Woolley boats.
    She is obvi6ously much loved, & with that engine, it could well be the original engine as well. — KEN R


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