Boat or Block of Flats?

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 8.39.38 PM

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 8.41.52 PM

Boat or Block of Flats?
Its been a while since we had a contender for the ‘Boat that looks like a block of flats’ award – the above, shoots to the top of the list. And that is sad because someone has spent a lot of money on this spirit of tradition vessel, in all the wrong places.
Some details – build year is 2006, her specs are 52.5’ in length, with a 14’9” beam. And yes – she is wood. Her zoom zoom is via a Fiat Iveco Aifo 220 hp diesel that will see her cruising at 8.5 knots.

5 thoughts on “Boat or Block of Flats?

  1. If Raindance makes it to Fiordland this boat pulls into the bay and Alan gets invited over for drink and warm meal – he will be there like a shot!
    Nice hull and deckhouse, just a shame they put that plastic tomato house on top…..mind you for growing their own it maybe useful.


  2. That out of the water shot shows a magnificent hull, The rest can be changed by the next owner if they desire. I’m sure it does the job the current owner intended admirably.


  3. Your on to it Alan, wheel it on to a nice section in the suburbs and pop some bird seed and Budgies up top. Car pawn in the zoom zoom room that is a first, must say gorgeous fit out.


  4. She is KOTARE. Built by Doug Robb. One of the best builders of “proper boats” in my opinion. Fished all around nz by a well known family of wooden boat fishermen. Before they on sold her they had already worn the gardner out and had the big fiat was installed. So that shows how many sea miles are under her planks.
    The refit was done in whangarei at a 1 mill plus plus budget. All done to a high standard.


  5. I beg to disagree. Money spent in all the wrong places? Surely only in that drastically over-styled flying bridge – all that steam-lining on an 8-knot boat! That excrescence aside, IMO she’s quite a nice example of the “MFV Type” boat. (I won’t use that ridiculous term “Trawler Yacht”! 🙂 ) The hull looks to be a nicely shaped heavy displacement one, and the actual deckhouse is pretty much in keeping with it. She’s not on MY list “block of flats” boats, and certainly doesn’t rate at the top of such a list compare with some of the ‘orrible examples we’ve seen.
    “Zoom zoom” is really for jet-skis and plastic fizz-boats; let’s stick with plain old “power”.


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