Katie Didit




I was mooching around the Milford Cruising Club yard yesterday afternoon checking out the process of Pacific & My Girl.
The answer is Pacific should splash in 2 weeks & My Girl, in early November.
While there I spotted the Grand Banks woody – Katie Didit, from the presentation of her bottom I would say that the x-foul-e-8 team have done the business to below the waterline. An amazing process, smooth as the proverbial ‘babies b_m’
Her teak / mahogany? planking can’t be faulted.
Interesting that she is single screw, I thought most of them were twin screw.
Her stern says Gulf Harbour, what more do me know about her & when she arrived in NZ? There must be an interesting tale behind her name?
19-10-2018 – Input from Brett , the owner.

The came from the American wife of a past owner. The husband was away in the Navy & each week/month when his pay cheque was sent to her she squirrelled some away into a secret bank account.
When hubby came home he told her he wanted to buy a ‘yacht’ & pointed out his dream being a 36’ Grand Banks. While Katie dipped into the fund & bought it for him. Hence the name.
Brett advised that Katie is still alive, in her mid 90’s in San Diego & he has meet her – its a small world 🙂
A couple of Pacific / My Girl photos below – in one we see what really happens down there, Mr Herbert, Prew & Deeble in a deep philosophical chat about what colour anti-fouling 🙂

19 thoughts on “Katie Didit

  1. Re the Grand Banks, not sure if she’s the same one, but Brian Berriman from Bucklands Beach, who used to own the Bucklands Beach service station (on the corner of Bucklands and Mcleans Rd) in the 70s and 80s, imported one (? maybe from Oz, have an idea he was originally an under-armer) around mid to late 80s ? after he sold the garage. From memory, it was the only one in NZ at the time as they were not cheap in those days, and were one of THE boats to own back then. Brian has been dock master at the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club for many years and was one of the early members, and kept the boat there when owned it. I Can’t remember the name of the boat unfortunately There are still not too many of them in NZ today from what I have seen.


  2. Andrew has had some new tow ropes spliced for Rakanui. Maybe she can be stationed out at her old stomping grounds near the mercs. Ready for when the death rattles become apparent in sed “racers” or fuel levels get low.
    Mobile eftpos available and cash fine.


  3. Cam hasn’t actually entered yet I see, hope all the posturing isn’t in vain 🙂 I’m sure we can swing those Bino’s around to face fwd if he does 😛


  4. Katie Didit has been owned by the Stallard family for many years but was imported prior to their ownership I believe.Brent keeps her in pristine condition and cruises extensively each summer.
    Regarding the posturing from the potential Rudder Cup entrants on this site they would be well advised to keep a low profile as the handicappers have been seen snooping around Hobsonville Marina hardstand and Milford cruising club this week. Secret measurements have been taken and engines evaluated. These will be compared with the data declared on the respective entry forms.

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  5. Aren’t, the 2 gracious ladies being restored looking lovely. By the look of the exhast pipe on My Girl they are going to drive her with the thrust of the exhaust like Larry Allison did with one of his boats that had an aircrcraft fanjet. KEN R


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