Aurora 14-10-2018
Woody Baden Pascoe snapped the above photo recently at Okahu Bay, on Auckland’s waterfront. Hopefully hauled out to get some TLC.
What do we know about her?
Input from Neil Chalmers

Its ‘Aurora’  a 22 foot Harrison Butler , Thuella design, built by Neil Brown in the 1940’s .
Aurora competed in the storm ridden 1951 Wellington to Lyttelton. For some days it was thought Aurora may have suffered the same fate as  Argo and Husky, however she eventually made it to Lyttelton after over a week at sea to take second place 
In the 1960’s Aurora was moored off Kohi beach . The distinctive raised topsides and  round portholes prompted Des Townson to ask how many guns she had !
The woody below came ashore at Rocky Bay, Waiheke Island a couple of weeks ago after slipping her mooring. Thankfully some locals stepped in to prop her up between tides. I don’t know what happened to her, hopefully she will be rescued – but looking at there bum, it looks like she has been a tad neglected of late. Thanks to Tim Evill for the photo.

Any one know her fate?


4 thoughts on “Aurora

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  2. The Waiheke one is still there and probably will be for a while, it’s been at the causeway for years under water twice a day…


  3. The Okahu bay yacht is the Aurora, a delightful LITTLE Harrison Butler that reputedly sailed to the Chathams and back in the late 70s . Plenty of food and she will get you there…
    The Waiheke one looks like a Seabird yawl with modified cabin, that is if she is hard chine – tricky to tell from the pic.


  4. aurora – T Harrison-Butler design – sailed to the Chathams in the 50,s
    Seabird T Fleming-Day design

    Welcome Mr Pippen – we miss you at Fosters, in fact we miss Fosters……………………. Alan H


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