Skacen / Skagen

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Now this wee ship (she is a ship) has been on WW before but she is such a honey & now for sale so she deserves an encore 🙂
Skacen measures 36’ with a beam of 10’7” & draws 4’11”. Zoom zoom comes from a 5LW Gardner (of course).
She was built by Salthouse in 1973, with a carvel kauri hull. You will see from the above photos she is very well fitted out with lots of character.
In the photos you may have picked up something strange – on the port side her name is Skagen & on the starboard its Skacen ?
As Ian McDonald commented when he sent me the trademe link – not many boats of her size have a walk-in engine room.
She would be perfect for a couple wanting mooch around the NZ coast in almost any weather, as she spent over 10 years in commercial fishing on New Zealand’s East Coast.
Woody – David Glen has advised that she was moored in the Whangapoua Harbour, off Matarangi Wharf, for the best part of the last 20 years. She was owned by a local resident who worked in the local forests. She caught David’s eye at Matarangi in 1990’s and she appeared to be well maintained, but seldom used.
And speaking of David Glen, he sent me yesterday the photo below from Amsterdam of this lovely, what I assume is a hire boat. Loving the top & down windows.

5 thoughts on “Skacen / Skagen

  1. Skagen is the name of a Danish fishing village – in Danish the g is silent, so is pronounced “Skayen”. Only know this because we’ve recently enjoyed a cruise around the Baltic and visited Skagen.


  2. I have had a close look at the names on each side & I think it is actually a “G” on starboard side as ell as the port side, but is indistinct in this particular image & she is actually SCAGEN — KEN R


  3. Alan, many thanks for keeping me informed via your website – a huge amount of effort on your behalf for which i am most grateful.

    Can i ask you to do one additional thing – when you make posts re boats for sale would you be able to put the Trademe link on your email – i have had some difficulty finding some of the “for sale” vessels on Trademe that you highlight.

    Many thanks John Halse ________________________________


  4. I remember her long lining out of the BOIslands in the mid to late seventies. Am unable to recall the name of the young bloke who operated and presumably owned her. She was a very sharp little ship compared to the beat up old antiques that many of us were using.


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