Miss Brett Needs A New Woody Owner

Miss Brett


Miss Brett Needs A New Woody Owner

I have been contacted by Donna Lewis, the owner of Miss Brett, who needs to offer the launch up for sale. Donna lives in Australia. Miss Brett was launched in 1927 & built by Dick Lang at Russell  for the Bay of Islands famous Fullers Cream Trip. She measures 40’ x 10’9” x 2’11” draft. Zoom zoom is via a 100hp 6 cyl. Ford Trader Lees Marine diesel. Renamed Knoxie II c.1928, the name coming from her 4 cya Knox engine, when launched.
Below is her edited call for help

“Regrettably I realistically need  to put MV Miss Brett up for sale. I am very aware of her historical significance and have been her owner … caretaker really since September 2015. I would hope in an ideal world that someone capable of enjoying her as we have and enjoys the maintenance  (as I do) might be interested in her.

The top photo above is a recent photo taken last month & shows Miss Brett moored on her own mooring in Kororareka Bay (Russell) Bay of Islands.”

Interested parties can contact Donna for more details, she has had an impressive amount of work done in the last few years – via email at              lewisdn@hotmail.com

Miss Brett features in the video ‘ NZ Marlin’ – at the 1′ 48″ stage & again at 7’24” – link below:
You can view more photos of Miss Brett here  https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/08/08/miss-brett/
Details ex Harold Kidd
Photos below of Miss Brett – Russell c.1960

2 thoughts on “Miss Brett Needs A New Woody Owner

  1. The aft summer houses built on Miss Russell and Miss Brett were constructed in the winter of 1961-62 by a house builder up from Auckland and the name changes came about when radio’s were installed (old ww2 ZC-1 sets)


  2. was she really fitted with a “KNOX” engine? I thought old Ernie Fuller had so much trouble with the original “Knoxie” and her engine that he was put right off them.One of those boats, (might have been her Knoxie 2) had twin straight 8 Studebaker engines and was a real flyer. Knoxie went back to Auckland, Knoxie 2-Miss Brett, Knoxie 3-Miss Russell, Knoxie 4- Miss Knoxie..I think they kept the name because it was easy to say. After WW2 they tried 6cyl. Ailsa-Craig diesels and one had a 4 cyl National diesel, they went for scrap in the 1960’s


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