Ti Point Wharf Waitangi Day 1934



Ti Point Wharf Waitangi Day 1934 + Win A WW T-shirt

This is one of my favourite photos, it shows a great mix of launch styles & sizes, all coming together alongside the Ti Point Wharf, for a Waitangi Day celebration on 10-02-1934.
The photo comes to us ex Old North Auckland / Northland fb via Lew Redwood.
I included a recent photo I took of the same view, taken from the hilltop property of a woody, looking down on the wharf area.
I’ll give away a WW t-shirt (see below) to the woody that can ID the most launches in the photo – Nathan Herbert will be the judge of the winner.
All entries via email to waitematawoodys@gmail.com. Entries close at 8.00pm today (24-08-2018)
Input from Hugh Gladwell – “I don’t think that’s Ti Point. The tide goes in and out at 3 knots through the channel,the headland to the right is out of place and there is no sandy beach on the Ti Point side”
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15 thoughts on “Ti Point Wharf Waitangi Day 1934

  1. Definitely not Ti Point. Look at the island in the background and the estuary is much bigger. The Ti Point wharf is built off a steep rocky coast.


  2. Who got the t shirt?

    Hi Paul – no one, people need to read the conditions of entry i.e. entry via email, not via the WW comments section.
    Cheers Alan

    ps I’ll put it up as a prize again soon.


  3. Yes Paul on comparing her with the photo of Eva you are quite correct.
    Last time I saw Eva was on the hard at Tauranga. Don’t know what happened to her afterwards


  4. Ray just enter rakanui into the box at the top and the information is there Im pretty sure the launch at far left is Anzac-Freedom..Paul.


  5. you’re right Paul, I blew it right up and you can see the unusual rolled wheelhouse canopy sides better.When did she lose the funnel?


  6. I still say the large launch with the bunting is the RAKANUI owned by W.R.Patterson from 1926 until 1937 If the chap sitting on the smaller launch would stand up you would be able to see the name. The funnel had been removed by the time this photo was taken……


  7. I was in error, for Tara read MATA hills, that’s where Nev. Fraser produced Mata Lime which was loaded out at Oakleigh wharf, and the launch with the all round wood capped railing could well be “OLEO” without her masts, and what’s the big gaff rigged fishing boat #219 Harold??


  8. The ketch rig with all the bunting is “EVA” Limestone Island in the background right, Tamaterau banks in the foreground, hills center back are the TARA hills, Today the Onerahi front lead would be about the center of the pic.


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