Mansion House Bay – Kawau Island 1950 + Ida is coming home

Mansion House 1950

Mansion House Bay – Kawau Island 1950 + Ida is coming home
I was sent the above photo by Iain Forsyth who obtained it from an old sailing mate named Ron Thickpenny. Ron restored the Fairmile Seandra, ex Hopper Brothers.
In the photo you can see a HDML along side the wharf.
Can we have a go at ID’ing the fleet in the bay?
IDA To Return To NZ
During the week Harold Kidd reported on WW that John Street and Wayne Olsen have just returned from Sydney, & John has bought IDA, the 1895 C & W Baileys built 65’ yacht & is shipping her back for restoration. She has been based in Sydney for a very long time. Once back in NZ & restored by Wayne Olsen she will give the CYA A-Class fleet a big fright 🙂
The photo was supplied by Kim Watts, who purchased the original 1912 signed Winkelman print 25 years ago.
There are more photos & details on her past owners at the WW link below
To quote Harold – “The man’s (John S) blood is worth bottling!
IMG_4757 copy

6 thoughts on “Mansion House Bay – Kawau Island 1950 + Ida is coming home

  1. It is an HDML at the wharf.–
    The PAEA & MAKO used to call there regularly at that time could well be one of those 2 — the 50s — which has many happy memories for many of us, eh Russell? — KEN R


  2. Looks like an RAYC event. Re Ron Thickpenny and his Fairmile Seandra, Ron is still with us, lives on the Thames Coast, and I see him regularly. I recently read his log on the rebuild, and of his cruising adventures.


  3. 1. The boat at the wharf looks more like an HDML than a Fairmile to me.
    2. Wild guess, but the ketch in the foreground – Leisure Hour?


  4. The 4 launches unobscured left to right, except the flush decker bow on, look like LADY EILEEN, MOVARIE, TASMAN OR LADY MARGARET, ( H. O. Wiles one, by Colin Wild 1927), & MARGARET S to me — KEN R


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