Resident Lake Rotoiti boat builder Alan Craig (Craig Marine), sent me the above photos of the 28’ launch Waimata. She has just been at Alan’s yard for a hull paint job.

Alan commented that while a resident on Lake Rotoit she is not always seen at the annual Wooden Boat Parade.

Her owners believe she is a Collings and Bell built in 1926 & bought buy the Corson family around 1939 to bring to the lake. They changed the name so we are not sure of her original name.

Her zoom zoom these days is via a Nanni diesel, prior to this she had a Grey Marine & previous to that, something much bigger that made her “really go” according to her owner.

Interested to know if the builders plate is original? – I have not seen one like that before.

Waimata is a very well maintained woody & with Alan’s input is looking very smart.

So woodys – what do we know about this boats past?

Input from Paul Drake –

The C & B builder’s plate in this morning’s WW post is of interest.
Below is a pic of SIR FRANCIS’s plate from 1916. Notice the slight difference in phone numbers.
Rather unusual to have a phone number on a builder’s plate, don’t you think?
These days one might include an email address!
Alan H Question – when did Auckland ph numbers change from 4 to 5 digits?
IMG_20180702_101219 (2)



8 thoughts on “Waimata

  1. Collings & Bell had phone number 2243 in 1924 and 26243 in 1926. Changeover was 1925.


  2. Yes, Corsons in gisborne. Named after the waimata river. Interesting about the phone numbers!


  3. All phone numbers had 5 numbers in the mid 1930s — ours was 62414 in Epsom & Mason & Porter where my dad worked was 42910 in Parnell


  4. Superb condition! Something to aim for (SIR FRANCIS currently getting the treatment). Love all the hanging knees. Lucky boat, living as she does in a drive-in boat shed.


  5. The builder’s name plate is genuine but the launch is miles later than 1926. 1936-9 would fit. Are these the Gisborne Corsons?


  6. There is a big ex-tourist boat perhaps from one of the lakes which is Collings and Bell and has similarly styled windows. Name escapes me


  7. I don’ think that hull could be anywhere near as far back as the 1920s with the curved slanting stem, flared bow, & big tumble home — looks more like later 40s to 60s to me — KEN R


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