West Auckland Barn Find




West Auckland Barn Find

 Morning woodys – I was contacted yesterday by serial classic woody collector / rescuer – Keith Munro, Keith advised that a woody in need of rescuing had been pointed in his direction – but Keith’s toy box is overflowing 🙂 thence contacting me.

The woody needs 2 things – a home & a woody with vision, from the photos she appears to have the makings of a nice looking classic launch.

 Nothing is known about her – no name, builder, dates etc. – her specs are – 32’ long & 5’9” across the ransom. Hopefully a woody reader will be able to shed some light on her.

 The boat could be acquired for not a lot of money, currently located in Kumeu, West Auckland; there is even an offer of free delivery .

From the photos it appears there has been work done on the boat & she comes with all the doors, mast, floorboards, hatches & other sundry, including the cradle.

Open to offers – contact Jeff or Bob on 027 834 5285

5 thoughts on “West Auckland Barn Find

  1. Damn, she’s very nice. If you remove the dodger, she looks like a Bailey & Lowe 32 footer of about 1909. It would be well worth tracing her back through owners until a name comes up. he’ll be a well-known boat of that period.


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