Querida 1

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Built in 1962 by Don Norton, a Herne Bay wooden boat builder, using a combination of imported exotic hardwoods and New Zealand native timbers and marine ply. She measures 17’6” in length & is powered by a 75hp Mercury outboard.

She was featured in New Zealand Power boat magazine (see below) in 1987 as a classic vintage cabin boat 25 years after being built. 55 years later she still looks in amazing retro condition. A reflection that in all this time Querida 1 has remained on one family ownership.

Currently 4sale on trademe, she appears to offer someone a turn-key intro to the world of classic wooden boating & has Lake Rotoiti written all over her.

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6 thoughts on “Querida 1

  1. Don Norton also built Norm Fairlie’s first boat a little earlier, it was a 26 footer called REELEMIN built c1954-55 — An excellent boatbuilder — KEN R


  2. Hi Alan, I am the son of the late Ken Martin, the man who commissioned Don Norton to build Querida 1. From memory (I was 8 when the boat was built and went every weekend to watch its construction) Don was actually based in Westmere / Western Springs, not Herne Bay, and he built Querida at the same time as another, almost identical model for another customer. My father was particularly proud of the construction detail and materials used (mahogany ply for both hull and decks, with native timbers used in the keel, stringers and other framing). The boat was always kept in a garage, and when I sold it in 2017, both the hull topsides and the deck still had the original paint and varnish respectively, and in excellent condition. It was a planing hull with a slight “tumble home” stern. The original outboard was a Scott 45, though Querida saw a number of different engines over the years. Due to her light weight and hull design, it took very little horsepower to get her up on the plane. She spent most of her early years fishing in the Manukau and Waitemata Harbours, with trips as far away as Taupo. Later, she was moved to our bach in Oakura Bay, Northland, where she terrorised the local snapper population. A curious event occurred one day at Oakura. We had just returned from a fishing trip, cleaned the boat and put it in the garage. Immediately afterwards, returning to the beach for a swim, I had to do a double take, there was the identical boat to Querida in the water! It was the other vessel Don built side by side with Querida 40 odd years previously. Sadly, it was not in very good shape, having had a multitude of owners. I am pleased that the Querida has now gone to an appreciative owner of a piece of classic New Zealand marine history. Please advise the daughter of Don Norton that I have in my possession, a photo of another of Don’s boats taken at a boat show in the mid 60’s. Similar in design to Querida, but fitted with a Hamilton Jet. If she would like the photo, she can get in touch with me. Chris Martin.


  3. She will soon be in Cambridge. We are re-locating to the Waikato and look forward to using her in the many lakes around the area.


  4. Hi Alan. Yes, she did sell. To me. I am delighted to be her new owner and the fact that she is still in Christchurch and I live in Melbourne is a trifling detail!


  5. Beautiful boat!. Looks to be a similar design to my Hartley Flairline that I am restoring which I believe is from about the 1960’s too.


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