Today’s photo of the launch Archanuie was sent to me by Pam Cundy, back in August 2015, for some reason it had slipped off the radar………

In the photo Archanuie is anchored in Whangaroa Harbour. To my eye, she has to be a Roy Parris, but I’m often wrong 🙂

Anyone able to supply more intel on the vessel ?


OPPS – someone was having a spec-saver moment – the name is actually Arohanui , not Archanuie  – & she is a 30′ 1974, Roy Parris built. Thank to Dean Wright for correct us & the photo below. More details here



07-08-2018 – Update – A peek down below, thanks to trademe (via Ian McDonald)


6 thoughts on “Arohanui

  1. Yes she certainly has the porthole trim, which was common on most Roy Parris launches. The Eyes Have It.


  2. I agree, it’s a Roy Parris hull, but I think the coamings may not be totally original or modified — not quite Roy Parris up the top in my humble view- KEN R


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