Scows On The Waitemata

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Scows On The Waitemata
Late last year I was sent the two photos above by Ian McDonald whose sister-in-law was clearing out and old deceased Uncle’s stuff & came
across these photos.

Scows sailing goose-winged has a caption of 1920 Auckland Anniversary Regatta and, the other one is captioned Auck Ann regatta, 1900. Both have NZ Herald – Wilson & Horton stamps on the back. Both are about 12″ x 8″  in size.

Any of the serious classic sailers out there able to ID some of the Scows?

And a launch bonus photo today of Miss Helen on the beach at Russell c1950’s (photo ex Nathan Herbert exEric Lee-Johnson, Te Papa collection)

Russell,Te Papa, Lee-Johnson, Eric 1950's

8 thoughts on “Scows On The Waitemata

  1. Hi me name Malcolm Cowden son of Gordon Cowden. Who was a proud owner of Miss Helen. Me dad now 93 would love to see her be for he un able dew to Health age. Contact me. or call 0224372013. Thanks much appreciated.


  2. behind Miss Helen is Miss Ida and then Miss Knoxi, this would have been at survey time. 3 of the 4 dinghy’s in the foreground are Fullers hire boats, mosquito craft I think.Cold moulded ply, nice solid little boats.The period would have been about 1958 when radio.s were introduced and the boats all given >miss> names. Also late in the year before the summer tourist season, probably october/nov


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