A Woody 100th Birthday


A Woody 100th Birthday

I mentioned last Friday that on Sunday, Sierra the 1917 Joseph Fell designed & built motorboat would be celebrating her 100th birthday at the Panmure Motor Boat & Yacht Club.
Sierra’s owner Dennis Christopher (photo above) must have bribed the weather gods because the weekend was probably the best this year for classic motor boats. We made the decision to head to the Waiheke Island area on Saturday & then head over to Panmure on Sunday afternoon for the birthday party. Never made the party – see below.
Thanks to Baden Pascoe for the above photos & after speaking with Baden I can report that nearly 100 people turned up to celebrate the occasion, including members of the Fell family & the Andrews family (previous owners).
Its great to see these old work boats still being actively used & presented so well – I love the ‘beard’ on Sierra in the photo above.

Now the reason I didn’t make the party was Raindance had a mechanical oops, the 1st in 10 years that I have not been able to fix & we had to call Coast Guard for a tow. Hats off to the CC crew from Matiatia, Waiheke Island – they were on the scene pronto & had us back at Bayswater faster than I could have under her on steam 🙂 In fact the bottom probably got a good clean 😉
I spent Sunday morning cleaning 10+L of oil from the bilge – not my idea of a fun day.
A call to James Mobberley at Moon Engines will be top of the to-do list today.

(too many other classics out on the harbour to keep this below the radar – thanks guys for the txt’s 🙂  )



There is always a silver lining – after we got home, decided to have a bbq & put a match to the lounge fire, first of the year.

7 thoughts on “A Woody 100th Birthday

  1. Absolutely — that’s what they’re there for, & they do a wonderful job — I was part of it for many years, back in the 60s/70s, so speak a little from experience.


  2. On the bow of Sierra known as a pudding, not just classics saw you on the end of a towline -some racing yachts as well….


  3. Must say I admire you for being so absolutely up front about the tow. So sad, because she looked so lovely when she glided passed us so silently, when I was on board W1 at the marina on Saturday morning.
    Must say although I never had the misfortune to have to be towed, in my 53 years of boating, (although I came home on 1 engine once or twice), but I would have done my very best to keep it quiet, — (to much ego probably). — Hope it is all fixed quickly & easily & sympathy to you both for ruining your weekend– keep smiling — KEN R


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