Sierra – A Peek Down Below

SIERRA  – A Peek Down Below

The 40’ ex work-boat Sierra was built by Joseph Fell at Kohukohu on the Hokianga Harbour in 1917, making her 105 years old. She had a complete rebuild in 1998. Forward motion is via a Ford 120hp diesel engine.

She started life as a work-boat in Hokianga and later become the Hokianga ferry. Later on she worked in Auckland as the Customs and Doctors boat on the Auckland Harbour. She also assisted with building the Auckland Harbour Bridge & Glenn Brook Steel Mill. 

Sierra has made several appearance on WW – links below for more details and photos. Now thanks to Ian McDonald and a tme listing we get to have a gander below deck.

WW July 2013

WW Sept 2013

WW May 2017

4 thoughts on “Sierra – A Peek Down Below

  1. The calypso BBQ im going to pinch the idea of cutting the lid handle in half an installing on the sides
    Would love to see in person she extremely grateful for an old working boat


  2. I Owend The Romo Ex Jean Gorden When She Was Built Buy The Same Builder Joshep Fell” in Kohukohu” She Was Built in 1903 Witch Makes her120yrs Old Testomy ToThe Builder ” Joeshp Fell” Ive Owed a Few Old Vessels But She Was Far the Best and Would Go Anywhere” The Siera Looks The Same


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