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Sanson was built in 1951 by Shipbuilders & is a carvel planked semi-displacement classic launch, approx. 25′ in length. Zoom zoom comes from a 2 cylinder 25hp Shibaru Ford diesel engine.

That is about all I know about her, can any woodys (Northland based – she lives near Dove Cove) help out with more details?

4 thoughts on “Sanson

  1. We have acquired Sanson and brought her down to Tauranga. We recommend Exclusive Boat Haulage – great people. Shes a lovely wee ship. Preserved by many layers of paint. Bit of rot around the windows and other minor things to be done to get her in the water.. Will need a fair bit more to get her up to scratch but right now we are going to just use her..Started the engine yesterday – don’t think she had been run for a while…


  2. There was a similar hull in North Cove Kawau for some time, with a light weight power plant could get up and go. Dove Cove?? is that Doves bay


  3. If really 1951 and really Shipbuilders she would have been based on their stock design in which Tim Windsor had at least a hand.


  4. This boat shouldn’t be overlooked as a really usable classic. Economical, good painted finish and that looks like a nice practical stern area. She would be perfect for Bay’ cruising, and even heading up to Whangaroa. New professionally made upholstery would add some style to her interior as well. She is barely shorter than the Lucinda, which thus far has been great for the gulf


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