Highland Lass

Te papa 1950s, by Eric Lee-Johnson Whangarei basin

Highland Lass

The launch in the centre of the above photo (by Eric Lee-Johnson & ex Te Papa) appears to be berthed in the Whangarei Basin. Nathan Herbert sent it in to ww & all we know is that the photo is dated c.1950’s.

So woodys – does any one recognize the boat ?

Update 15-05-2015 Thanks to Harold Kidd & Nathan Herbert we now know she was built by Dick Hartley in 1949 & is named ‘Highland Lass’

5 thoughts on “Highland Lass

  1. At 1949 she must have been Dick Hartley’s next creation after Florence Dawn. Upon closer inspection I see a number of similar features eg hard chines, mast, main cabin hatch and forward deck hatch.


  2. I do not know the boat but the tide was like that last Friday when I first tried to get into our boat-shed. I had to wait 90 minutes before I could tuck Florence Dawn in for the winter.

    BTW, Falcon now lives in the next boat-shed to us.


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