Otoroa is a Miller & Tunnage double-ender built in 1967 as a MSA Pilot boat, later converted to pleasure use. She measures 55’9″ L, with a beam of 15’5″ & has a draft of 6’6″. Powered via a Cummins diesel. Detail via Ian McDonald via trademe.

Any of the work boat woodys able to enlighten us more about Otoroa?

Update & Photos ex Russell Wardedited by AH
Otoroa’s wheelhouse enabled the skipper to look and see the sky or the ship towering above. They had to be real seaworthy ships in those days. You will notice that except for the Arahina and Tautane who was a recycled Miler and Tunnage fishing boat named Centaurus, all the NZ pilot boats of the day were double enders.
That says a lot for the hull form: The following sea tends to part round the boat rather than heaving t skyward and broaching it. You still can broach in a double ender, but they are good in a following sea.
Hopefully an potential buyer will retain her appearance. She has survived thus far though, so here’s hoping. I am refreshing your memory by also attaching a pic of Wairangi when she was in her prime and working and you can judge.
Also below is a photo looking down on the modest wharf that the Port’s workboats nestled each night to share stories. The RNZN shed was alongside and their HDML were kept there.


05-03-2018 Update ex Stuart Jameson – The Otoroa has been berthed at the Chaffers Marina for the past four years.  The blue non-slip surface was applied last year.  Current owner appears to be very attentive to its maintenance.  Further detail on its current owner etc should be available from the Marina Manager.


11 thoughts on “Otoroa

  1. The Otoroa is in Wellington at Chaffers Marina owned by Neville Dimock .. happy to send updated photos if you want .. he’s done a lot of work on it over the years – in mint condition including painting the entire engine


  2. Russell, In days of old when pilots were bold-their boats were generally single screw, robustly built and not very nippy or quick to respond. When the ship you have landed alongside is going slow ahead at 8 knots and you are bustin yer boiler at 9 it can be very hard to break away, that’s where the double ender is more efficient than a big flat transom with a hard corner. A classic example was W.H.B. Ngapuhi, even when re-engined with the twin 235 hp Detroit”s it could be a struggle.


  3. OTOROA reminds me of the name HOTUROA (or HOTOROA) which is well worthy of a post, but unfortunately I do not have any images of her, & I wonder if anyone can help.

    She was an absolutely beautiful, real little model in miniature almost, of a sedan top style, 28 footer, built by Colin Wild in the mid to later 1930s, last seen at Mangonui, in the mid later 1990s, where she was burnt to the waterline by an arsonist one night

    If anyone can help with photos, please email me on kenpat@ihug.co.nz — KEN R


  4. Nev Dimock has owned her for some years. Didn’t realize she was for sale. He kept her in good nick, and did a good bit of travelling in her between the islands. Got a few yachts out of trouble here and there along the way too a couple of years ago when strong winds caused havoc among the holidaymakers in the Sounds.


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