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Today’s photos were sent in by Rob Uivel, who recently purchased Mataroa & in whom I have great faith that she will be bought back to ‘as-new’. Given her very original condition, there will be no need for a chainsaw 🙂
Built in 1928 by Joe Slattery, she was named Kenya when launched & measures 36′. Originally built for Mr Heard of Heards Confectionary.
This link will show you her as purchased by Rob

The above historical photos show Mataroa after she was struck amidships by another boat, & show the repairs and alterations undertaken. You have to love the ‘fence posts’ holding her together.

Now woodys – if anyone can give us the name of the vessel that struck her, I’ll give them a ww t-shirt. Answers via email only, sent to
You’ll need to provide proof to support your answer 😉


12 thoughts on “Mataroa (Kenya)

  1. Hi Murray, we were not at anchor when hit but trickling along in 90ft of water. I was onboard Mataroa when she was hit.
    Elaine Reynolds, daughter of Maurice & Pauline Reynolds


  2. What a nightmare for everyone. Great recovery job to beach it under those extreme stress conditions. Great that it all turned out O/K in the end. Cheers.


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  5. Its wonderful to see all the interest and personal memories associated with Mataroa. She is up in the Evans Bay slipway right now. Just removing the deck fittings and mast
    ( which is broken ) before repainting the entire exterior. The Ford 6 cylinder has had a going over and runs well but blowing white smoke. She has been a stationary live aboard for the last 5 years so I will see if the problem cures itself before thinking of replacement.
    I will post pictures of the refurbishment hopefully in 3 weeks.


  6. Hi there,

    Mataroa’s crew, the Reynolds and Robyn Gae’s crew, the Turnwalds used to end up in the same bays at the same time.

    Both boats were in Te Kuma Harbour, Coromandel, when we decided to write our boats’ names on the south bank in shells. Robyn Gae won.

    Maurice and his son, Kevin, often along with Robyn Gae, assisted with power boat races and harbour rescues. Marty Turnwald has videos of these times.

    Talk to my Dad, John Turnwald, about Mataroa and our adventures.

    Juli Cooke.



  7. Shes a good looker alright, with clean lines, Jason had better hope that the owner doesnt find a lightweight modern diesel lying about…


  8. The name of JacK (John) Wrights boat that hit Mataroa was Tewhara, Just remembered.
    Murray Willis


  9. I believe the vessel that hit Maurice and Pauline Reynolds plus family that morning off Kiwiriki Bay Port Fitzroy was skippered by thier very good friend Jack Wright from Whangarei but I cannot remember the name of his Boat.
    The Photos of Mataroa having the temp repairs are taken in Smokehouse where Maurice grounded her after the collision. Jan and I crewed on Mataroa many times and sailed with her on our boat Viveen. Maurice got a lot of fun out of relating the tale of his “ramming” that day.
    He was at anchor off Kiwiriki fishing at the time.
    I will endevour to get the name of the boat.
    Kind wishes
    Murray and Jan and Marguerite. Whangaparapara GBI .


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